What is BigTuna?

BigTuna is continuous integration software. Be sure to check out Martin Fowler’s page to find out what continuous integration is.

Why use BigTuna and not other ci software?

There are other similar projects, but in our opinion none of them is good enough. BigTuna aims at simplicity but not for the sake of usability. For example we allow multiple projects in one BigTuna instance, as opposed to CIJoe. It is also designed to be extendible to a certain extent.

BigTuna tries to be project—agnostic, meaning you can build basically anything that’s tested with shell commands and returns a 0 exit code on success.

You can see BigTuna watch itself using it’s github repo right here.


BigTuna is built on top of the Rails 3 framework. Currently it is using SQLite3 as a database backend, but since the database schema is quite simple, there should be no problems running it e.g. on PostgreSQL.

For simple development setup, go with the standard Rails procedure:

git clone git://github.com/appelier/bigtuna.git
bundle install
# create config/database.yml
rake db:schema:load
./script/delayed_job start # delayed job runner
rails s

See the configuration section on how to add a new project.